Thursday, February 24, 2011

Entertaining the Mini-Masses

Wow – what a response! Color me blushing!  I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming, hopefully every few days. Until we get internet at home again, I can only post at work, which means nothing on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Speaking of internet at home, that is still a bit of a sore subject. Greg decided he was ready to start paying for it again, so I did some research and found our best option is to go back to the phone company for DSL. The only other viable option was satellite, and besides being considerably more expensive, we’ve heard it’s not the most reliable, especially in bad weather. Now that was about a month ago – Greg never gets in a hurry unless work is involved, so I’m still waiting. One thing I’m going to make sure of is that we have a wireless router installed so I’ll have internet on my laptop too. Whoo-eee mother! If we can just get us one of them there new fangled dig-it-al recording thingys for our tv, we be gettin’ closer to joinin’ the 21st century! Course we still only get 6 local networks, but we can’t be movin’ too fast, now can we? God I hate being a white trash hick.

Sorry to report our Carter bug isn’t feeling too hot. He’s got the virus that’s going around and is having trouble keeping food down. He did come over yesterday for Carterday, and seemed to be feeling better most of the day. I think he feels worse at night. We had to go help Papa load some wood he cut in the pasture, so Carter rode with me in the backhoe. No complaints there! And since he wasn’t feeling 100%, we didn’t want him outside much, so we both stayed in the backhoe while Papa did all the heavy work. All we had to do was dump the loader bucket full of wood in the dump truck several times. We (ok I) only encountered one problem – backed right into a big tree stump once. Didn’t seem to do much damage to the hoe, and I only got a slightly dirty look from Greg, so no big deal!

But WHY can't I help Papa?
I can’t believe how much more Carter is talking! He’s started putting words together and forming sentences. Whenever anyone flushes the toilet he always waves and says “Bye peepee, bye poopoo, bye wahwah”. He also does a dead on impersonation of Harry the cat. If you ask him what the kitty says he meows sweetly, but if you ask him what Harry says, he growls like a lion. The funniest thing is the way he laughs when he sees Harry – I swear it’s the evilest little laugh I’ve heard coming from a 2 year old!

I’m getting ready to head for home before the weather gets any worse. Today may be Thursday, but it’s my Friday for the week. Greg and I are heading to KC tomorrow for the Farm Show (weather permitting). We’ll probably go back to Jumpin’ Catfish for dinner, since Greg loves it so much and we don’t get to that area very often. I’ll definitely NOT be eating the catfish this time – some sort of chicken will have to suffice. Happy weekend everyone!

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