Monday, March 7, 2011

One and a Half Men and a Jackass

Am I the only person sick of seeing Charlie Sheen's face?  Some guy in California doing drugs, hanging out with hookers, and generally making an ass out of himself wasn't really news the last time I checked.  And as much as I love entertainment magazines, I refuse to buy one if he's on the cover -- only encourages the publishers to keep him there.  Sure Two and a Half Men is a good show.  Well, an ok show.  But they've been on long enough and it's syndicated, so it will keep airing forever - so what if they don't make any more.  It's not like they would have wrapped the story lines up in a final episode anyway.    Blah - I've talked about him long enough.  On to more important issues..

I cut my toenails this weekend. 

Farm show report:  We went - aaaand we saw lots of farmers!  And the same stuff we always see.  We did sit and listen to a guy selling the best cookware ever made.  Really.  Just ask him! Are you wondering if we bought it?  Well you'll just have to stay tuned  for 4 to 6 weeks to find out.  Hmmm.  We also tried out the Viba Body Slimmer machines.  That thing ROCKS!  Well more like SHAKES.  check it out;   We're seriously thinking about ordering one.  After using it for just a couple of minutes, Greg's back stopped hurting, and considering all the walking we'd done that day, that in itself is something.  I'm thinking there are several people in our family who could get some good use out of it. 

Here's a few pictures from Carterday last week.  He got to play out in Pa Pa's shop - which of course, he loves.  He thought about trying to climb the big ladder, but changed his mind just before he got in trouble!  Pa Pa gave him a tape measure, and he was very fascinated by it.  He tried to get Lucy with it (like Pa Pa did) but couldn't quite get the hang of it. 



He also discovered the toy semi truck and trailer sitting in the shadow box on the wall.  It's been there for years -- Grandma Ruby gave it to Greg when we got the shadow box, shortly after he bought his semi.  She even painted the truck and trailer to match his.  Carter was very excited to get to play with them.

Cheese again!  Silly boy!

He's all ready for March madness -- Meema got him a new KU t shirt, and Momma taught him to say Rock Chalk Jayhawk!