Monday, February 21, 2011

Typical Monday

Mr. Blogger and I are about to have a knock down drag out if something doesn't change soon.  Apparently no one can leave comments on my posts!  And if there's one thing this blogger lives for, it's feedback!  Not that I wouldn't write even if I knew no one were reading, but oh the JOY!  the EXCITEMENT!  the THRILL! when I see someone cares enough to leave a comment!  I've changed the settings so anyone SHOULD be able to comment, blogger ID or not, and when I visited my site without signing in, it let me comment.  Does it KNOW it's me???   So come on y'all -- if you're out there, even if you don't have anything particular to say, just say hi! so I'll know if the problem is fixed or not.  If you can't - drop me an email or tweet or facebook me with the bad news.

In other news... we celebrated Grandma Ruby's birthday as planned on Saturday.  And Carter was kind enough to provide the entertainment for the afternoon.  He was in such a good mood, silly, happy, laughing, just a joy.  Not that he isn't always a joy, because of course, he is!  The funniest part is how much he enjoys it when people laugh at him.  He's a  born entertainer, no doubt.  There were 12 of us in attendance; Grandma of course, Eldon, Diana, Candace, Tuff, Clayton and Kyler, Erin, Brent and Carter, and Greg and myself.  We all met at Green Acres early, so when Diana brought Grandma in, she was very surprised and very happy!  The food was delicious as usual, and we were able to enjoy a  nice relaxing lunch.  I think Grandma looks darn good for 95 years old!  Don't take it from me -- see for yourself!

And since it's been so long since I posted any pictures of Carter, here's a few of him too!

showing off!

look at that sweet smile!

blowing out the candle on his birthday cake!  Big TWO!


  1. OK PEOPLE!!!! If I can post as my alter-ego, you should be able to... let me hear it!

  2. Love you. Love the blog. blah, blah, blah.

  3. Now if you can just talk your daughter into getting hers back up!! Thanks for the update! Amanda

  4. I'm just tickled pink that you are posting again. Like I said on FB, Grandma Ruby makes 95 look very good. I think Greg's mom looked so much like her it's uncanny. I hope she's as sweet as she looks. I know exactly what you mean about Carter being the entertainment. In Allan's family, when his nieces little boy, Colby, came along, we wondered what we ever did before for entertainment. Now his nephew has a little boy, Brody, and between those two, there is never a dull moment. I enjoyed seeing all these new pics. I will keep watching your blog for updates. Love you and miss you, Barbie!

  5. Have you ever thought about switching over to Wordpress? You can transport your entire blog AND comments (I know, right?)!

    And I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's okay...

  6. Dirk -- I don't know anything about Word Press -- will have to check into it. Do you know if I could import my old Livejournal too?

    Thanks for the add -- ooh the pressure! haha

  7. Grandma Ruby really does make 95 look good! And Carter is the cutest little guy around!
    Love reading your blog Barb, you are great!