Friday, February 18, 2011

Workin for the Weekend

Good morning and welcome to Friday!  I just typed that sentence 3 times before I spelled morning right.  See - I told you I wasn't a morning person!  So yes, it's Friday and the weather is nice, and I only have to work 6 hours today, which means I can leave at 1:00 today if I want to.  Now I just have to decide what I might do with a few extra hours.  I could do something productive, like go to Jazzercise, since I skipped it last night (not likely as I left my gym bag at home) or I could go home and clean house (HA).  I could go visit Mom and see if she needs to go to the grocery store, I could go to Lyndon and pick up the tax forms I need to fill out and get to our hired man (wait - I have almost 2 months to do that) or I could go shopping with Amy.  Hmmm... wonder which option will win???  Considering today is payday as well, I think we all know where this is going.  Also, I received a $50 Walmart card from my employer this week for going a year without any accidents!  Free money is always nice, and since I'm not fond of accidents, it's a win-win!!!

Speaking of work, there are some changes coming to my department that I'm not exactly thrilled about.  My bff Amy is leaving us for a different position.  She'll still work out of this office, just down the hall now, which means we won't be working together anymore.  I'm happy that she has this opportunity for advancement, but I'm going to miss having her less than 10 feet away.  And it turns out there was a planned Reduction in Force for our department, but with her move, no one will be layed off, so someone owes Amy their job! 

Anyone have any special plans for the weekend?  Greg's Grandma Ruby turns 95 today, and the family is planning to surprise her tomorrow at noon.  Greg's sister has already made plans to take her out for dinner, but she doesn't know the rest of us will be waiting there for her.  I hope she enjoys herself.  She's had a rough last couple of months, losing her daughter in November.  She said then that no parent should outlive their child.  I can't imagine how that must have felt.  I doubt it's any easier losing your 70 year old child than a young child.  Losing Greg's Mom has been so difficult for all of us, but I'll save all that for another post.

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