Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day???

Well it's Valentines Day, 2011.  And my husband, the sentimental fool he is not, actually began taking notice of this day several years ago.  Not with candy or flowers -- he would never waste his money on flowers and of course, I don't need candy.  But we do go out for a nicer than normal dinner every year.  This year, we chose to go to El Mez in Osage City, which is NOT nicer than normal, it's the same as normal.  But that's ok - we like it, and they have the best margaritas in the area.  So in 5 minutes, I'm off work (early!) so we can take Carter his valentines presents and head to margaritaville.  Check back tomorrow to see how the evening went!!!  (I predict mucho liquor will be consumed)

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