Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thanks For The Memories!

Well another Carterday has come to a close.  I believe it may be one he will remember.  It started with the usual, helping Papa feed cattle, followed by a quick trip to the bank and to my old workplace, TLEC to pick up some paperwork.  Throughout all of this, all Carter could think about was getting home.  You see, Papa told him this morning that he was going to run the motor grader this afternoon, and Carter could help.  Hmm, do you think Carter wants to drive the motorgrader?  Oh, just a little.  After lunch, we drove to the worksite, and as we were driving down the terrace towards the grader, he couldn't see it from his carseat.  He spied the bulldozer and Papa's truck, but no grader.  Then suddenly I hear "THERE IT IS!  I FOUND THE MOTOR GRADER!  AND I'M GOING TO DRIVE THE MOTOR GRADER! AND I'M GOING TO PUSH DIRT WITH IT! AND PAPA'S GOING TO LET ME DRIVE IT!" followed by hysterical laughing.  My oh my does this little boy like his big yellow toys or what?  I videotaped part of it for posterity.  Now watching a motor grader drive down the field is obviously not exactly heart pumping excitement for most people, but the only thing Carter likes more than driving equipment is watching himself drive equipment.  Or really watching himself do anything.  If you look at my youtube page, you'll find several videos that are about as exciting as paint drying.  But that's not why they're there.  I posted them so Carter can watch himself anytime he wants to.  I'm sharing a couple of the videos on here today, so you all can share in his joy!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, there's no way he'll ever forget today!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 21, 2012 8:53 PM

in the bathtub last night -- Carter starts quoting Dennis the Menace to me. Hope it's not an omen :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleep - It's Highly Overrated

Here's a riddle for you:

After being sick with the flu for 2 days, what is the one thing your body still needs but cannot give itself?

anyone.... anyone???? bueller????

Well considering it's 12:34 in the AM and I have to be up for work in something like 4 hours, the answer must be sleep.  I've done nothing but for the last 48 hours, and I don't wanna do it anymore!

This flu, by the way, sucks.  Well what flu doesn't you must be asking me.  Uh, any flu that I don't get, that's what!  Ok, that's not true.  I did feel awful for all my friends and family when they started getting sick a week ago.  Just not as bad as I felt when I got it!  Ok, that's not true either.  I do have a heart.  And knowing my loved ones are suffering, well it doesn't feel so good either.  Hopefully we're all over this crap.  I'm the last one to get it (as far as I know) and we all stayed away from Mom, so if she gets sick, don't look at us!  

Speaking of Mom, I've got the bad daughter guilts again.  2 weeks ago she asked me to "be on the lookout" for a couple of items.  She mentioned that she didn't need them anytime soon, just whenever I had the chance.  MOTHER!  Have you met me?  Do you not know after 52 (I just typed 53 -- I've got SORAS*!) years if you want me to do something you must give me a deadline?  And it must be earlier than the ACTUAL deadline?   So one of the last things I thought about before I got sick was that I need to get that stuff for mom.  And then I didn't.  She called me yesterday to see if I had her stuff yet.  FAIL.  So first thing tomorrow after work, I shall trudge my way to Walmart and buy anything and everything she needs and/or might need for the next month, so I can put the guilts away for a while.

While I'm there I guess I should start looking around for birthday gift ideas for a 3 year old!  Can you believe my sweet little angel baby is going to be 3 in 3 short weeks?  Where has the time gone? 

and in just 6 weeks, we'll be debuting a new little gibby girl for all to see!  Flu-schmoo.  I've got too much to do to let that slow me down.  However,  this meema probably does need her sleep!  Nighty night!

*SORAS for those of you who did not grow up watching soaps with their grannys:  Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome