Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thanks For The Memories!

Well another Carterday has come to a close.  I believe it may be one he will remember.  It started with the usual, helping Papa feed cattle, followed by a quick trip to the bank and to my old workplace, TLEC to pick up some paperwork.  Throughout all of this, all Carter could think about was getting home.  You see, Papa told him this morning that he was going to run the motor grader this afternoon, and Carter could help.  Hmm, do you think Carter wants to drive the motorgrader?  Oh, just a little.  After lunch, we drove to the worksite, and as we were driving down the terrace towards the grader, he couldn't see it from his carseat.  He spied the bulldozer and Papa's truck, but no grader.  Then suddenly I hear "THERE IT IS!  I FOUND THE MOTOR GRADER!  AND I'M GOING TO DRIVE THE MOTOR GRADER! AND I'M GOING TO PUSH DIRT WITH IT! AND PAPA'S GOING TO LET ME DRIVE IT!" followed by hysterical laughing.  My oh my does this little boy like his big yellow toys or what?  I videotaped part of it for posterity.  Now watching a motor grader drive down the field is obviously not exactly heart pumping excitement for most people, but the only thing Carter likes more than driving equipment is watching himself drive equipment.  Or really watching himself do anything.  If you look at my youtube page, you'll find several videos that are about as exciting as paint drying.  But that's not why they're there.  I posted them so Carter can watch himself anytime he wants to.  I'm sharing a couple of the videos on here today, so you all can share in his joy!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, there's no way he'll ever forget today!


  1. Oh, Barb. You are so much fun, but you know not all Papa s have big yellow equipment. Most little boys don't know what they're missing. Deb L.

  2. that is so sweet and now I know the secret of why he was anxious to get outa here yesterday!