Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Big Three

Tonight's blog is coming to you live from 115 E. Jackson Street, Burlingame.  Last week Mom reported to us that she'd been having severe pain down her leg on one side, and in her neck and arm on the other side.  What that means, simply put, is she is unable to lay in bed and sleep, since no matter which side she lays on, it hurts.  No sleep for several nights is starting to take its toll, and she's become very weak.  Add to that stomach problems that make it hard to eat much at one time, and you've got someone having a hard time taking care of herself.  We took her to the Dr. and he prescribed something for sciatica, but is unable to determine why she's having near blackouts.  Since then, Jan's been staying with Mom at night and staying close during the day too.  I was busy last weekend helping Erin with Carter's birthday party, so I'm thankful Jan could be here.  Now we're trying to split the time, with me staying the nights when I don't have to get up and go to work the next day.  No telling how long this spell will last, but I do think it will pass.  Mom's said several times she's no where near ready to move out of her house, and honestly, moving to the Sr. Apartments here in town doesn't really benefit her any.  I'm pretty sure, when she's ready (or when she has no choice) Assisted Living will probably be her next stop.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy spending time with her!  Seems like whenever I stop by I'm always in a hurry to get somewhere, so it's nice to have time to just chill. 

So I mentioned Carter's Birthday --  that would be tomorrow!  His party was Sunday, and he thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.  He asked for a bulldozer cake, and his talented Mommy came through like always.  Not only did it look awesome, but it tasted every bit as good as it looked!

Blowing out the candle!

Bring on the presents!

ooh!  FUN! 

Whatever it is, looks like someone better get it for Hallie for HER birthday!

Hands down his favorite gift of the day!

Anybody remember the Christmas Video I posted?  Carter's favorite part was when "Papa rode the guitar like a horse" and he couldn't wait to show us his version of it! 

Birthday parties are exhausting!

The one thing no one got a picture of and I wish we had, was when his best friend Hallie arrived.  She came running in the door and they ran to each other and hugged like they hadn't seen each other in years!  It was the sweetest thing! 

Plans for tomorrow include lunch with Carter and Erin, probably pizza, since that's his favorite (well that and mac and cheese)  Where we have lunch will depend on how Erin's feeling, and more importantly, on how well baby girl is behaving.  Some days we think we're on the verge of running to the hospital, and other days maybe not.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!  Carter may be getting the best birthday present ever; his baby sister! 

Stay tuned.......

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  1. Nice post, Barbie. I sure hope your momma gets to feeling better. It looks like Carter had a great time at his party. The pictures were great and boy have the last three years flown by. Baby sister will be here soon and hopefully Carter will help Erin with her. Thanks so much for the birthday calendar. I have had several people admiring it. TTYL...