Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hen Party

Wow! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, and not just cuz it's Carterday! My two BFFs Jill and Sandy are coming over after work for supper and a much needed gossip session! The three of us try and get together for each other's birthdays every year, and unfortunately, we missed Sandy's last fall, so we haven't been together since August. That is far too long! They're both coming early enough to see Carter before he goes home, and I'm having Erin pick up take and bake pizzas on her way home, so I don't really have to cook. The last couple of times we went out, we got kicked out of the restaurants we were at. Not because we were misbehaving -- haven't done that for years -- but because it was closing time. And since we have no quitting sense when it comes to visiting, this will work out great. At least I don't anticipate Greg kicking them out. He'll probably hide out in the basement reloading shotgun shells or else stay out in the shop all evening. Hmm, maybe I should just tell them to bring their pillows and spend the night! They sure won't need blankets - not at Casa Bryson. where it's a nice and balmy 80 degrees all year round!

Don't expect to read all about our visit, what's said at the hen party stays at the hen party. First rule of hen party: don't ask about the hen party. Or something like that. Good times!!!!!!!!!

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  1. And what a hen party it was!!! I really enjoyed coming to your house and not having to hurry up and leave. It was great to see all of you again and especially Carter. That smile of his really lights up a room. I know he brings so much joy to your lives. You are a lucky woman. Let's not wait 5 months or until August to get together again. I will need another Barbie/Sandy fix before then! Thanks again. P.S. That tea did keep me up until about 1:00 am but it sure tasted good! Bye for now, Jillybean :)