Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Times!

What a great weekend I had! Didn't really see all that much of Greg, but NO that's not what made it great.

Saturday morning, Erin and I went to Topeka. First stop Mommy & Me - to get some "farm clothes" for Carter. Thinking overalls? Nope. Just some inexpensive pants and shirts, so it won't matter when they get all dirty and grimmy from oh, I don't know, maybe rubbing on PaPas dirty grimmy coveralls... When summer gets here he'll probably just run around in a diaper and we'll just throw him in the tub before he goes home!

We also hit Sams, Hyperhell, and HyVee in search of the perfect birthday cake for our sweet birthday boy! And of course, Hobby Lobby for everything we need to decorate his own personal smash cake. Hmm, Erin's got a busy week ahead, between making the party favors for the kids and the smash cake.

Lets see, next I took Mom to the grocery store and dollar store - her 2 favorite places I think! Once I got her home and all her groceries put away, I went back to Erin and Brent's to watch the rest of the KU-KSU game. Wow, that was some game. Well at least the last 10 minutes and overtime were, which is all I saw. Not sure I could have taken any more of it anyway. I always have to laugh when I think about Mom watching those close games. She gets so nervous, she can't watch, but then of course she can't NOT watch! Sorry she was probably disappointed with the outcome, but the rest of us loved it!

Sunday, Erin and Carter came out so she could file their income taxes on line. Here's the part that was great for me, but I don't really think Erin would see it that way. Thanks to my slower than molasses (sweet sassy molassy, right Erin?) internet connection (or lost connection as the case was over and over and over again, but I digress...) it took her about 8 hours to file the taxes. Frustrating for Erin? You could say, but that just meant more Carter time for meema and pa pa!!!!! Great G-ma Bryson even got in on the fun. Brent didn't get out here till later in the afternoon, thanks to the other thing that was not so great for the Gibbys -- backed up sewer water in their basement. Yuck. He spent most of the day unplugging the sewer line and then cleaning up the mess. Good job Brentski!

So to sum it up, spending most of the weekend with my favorite daughter and the C-man? It just doesn't get much better!!!!

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  1. Yes...very frustrating, but it was nice to spend the whole day at the 'ole homestead :) Oh...and I'm laughing my ass off about the Sweet Sassy Molsassy!!!!