Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's Saturday morning, and I should be in my nice warm bed sleeping in late with Hossy. Instead, I find myself at the office. Working. What is wrong with this picture? Surprisingly, not too much. I kinda like working on the weekend. No phones ringing, no constant interruptions. No one wanting to know how much they owe for monthly fees, even though the amount hasn't changed in 2 years (yeah - that's not annoying). Crank up the loud music, turn up the heat and have at it! I don't usually work overtime, but after taking a couple of weeks off when Carter was born, I'm still playing catch up. I love my job, but I don't really have a back-up person who can do it when I'm gone. My boss did submit a couple of the medicaid bills, but other than that, it just piles up. Guess I shouldn't complain, at least I know they can't get along without me. HA. If I know nothing else, I know that everyone is replaceable.

When I finish here, I'm headed home to work on income taxes, and then this evening, Greg and I are going to Erin and Brent's to babysit!!! They are taking a well deserved evening off to have some grown up fun with their friends, which means we get to spoil Carter!

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  1. Barbie-I'm so glad to see you have started to blog again. I will stay tuned to see where life takes you. I enjoyed your previous blog so much and I am excited that you are back online. Now get out there a do something newsworthy! No pressure though. Tee,hee.