Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting Off On The Right Foot

Happy New Year! I just love New Years Day, after all, it offers so much hope! It can be a new beginning for anyone who feels the need for one. AND, it's the one day of the year that I can honestly say I've blogged everyday this year!

Last night (ok early this morning) when Greg woke from his "nap" (normally from 8:00 or 9:00 pm to 2:00 or 3:00 am) I was still awake. What? It was New Year's Eve -- I couldn't go to bed early, now could I? So back to the story, Greg asked me if I was going to go with him to feed cattle this morning. Now this does not happen very often. Had he said something like "you're going to go with me to feed cattle in the morning" I probably would have raised my stubborn head and refused. But since he asked, nicely I might add, I thought why not? Well aside from the fact that it meant I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep, why not? So about the time he headed outside to do whatever it is he does before he starts feeding (start the truck, start a fire in the shop, feed the animals? I'm just guessing here) I got up and threw on far too many clothes for a menopausal woman to be wearing inside a wood heated home and gleefully ran out into the snow to cool off. And guess what? It was BEAUTIFUL outside! Really, is there anything more serene than fresh snow? I immediately knew this little field trip was going to be camera worthy.

My first challenge was getting a self portrait of myself to post on facebook as a teaser for this post. I see adorable self portraits on fb all the time -- cute young girls posting cute pictures left and right. Not this girl! I'm sure my phone didn't help matters -- you can't see what you're doing with the camera pointed at yourself, so there were numerous failures before I finally gave up and said screw it.

We fed the calves at home first, and then Greg chopped ice in what little water is left in our frozen pond.
waiting patiently

you've heard of coming from the other side of the tracks.... well we've got the bad boys from the other side of the fence!

gotta get the snow out first

Lucy doesn't let her daddy get out of her sight!

corn -- it's what's for breakfast!

gotta make sure they can get to the water
Next up, cows and calves, part 1. Truly, there is something so special about driving through the timber after a snowfall. It takes my breath away.
so peaceful
 New Year's Babies!!!

 chopping more ice

he doesn't go anywhere without that ax!

Then across the road to the other bunch of cows and calves. And look what we found -- a brand new baby. I got a chance to see Greg's tender side, if you will, as he made sure this new baby who was born in a snow drift had fresh hay to lay in. Just wish I a picture of him picking that sweet baby up and laying him in the hay.
gotta look closely to see the baby 

needed some bedding
 Here ya go little guy
 looks good to Greg
 looks good to Mom
 aaaaand not so fast...maybe I don't wanna lay down!
an hour old and already has a mind of it's own!
Break time -- while getting another bale of hay, neighbors Phil and Mike happened by and stopped to visit. No pics of the bull shit session necessary.

Next thing I know, Greg says to me " you ready to load some wood?" Excuse me? I didn't sign up for physical labor this morning -- I thought this was a guided tour of our winter wonderland! How could I forget he stops and saws a load of wood every morning while he's out feeding? Sneaky, that husband of mine is. Turns out he only sawed a little bit -- enough to keep the shop warm all day he says. And a little exercise never hurt anyone. In fact, I can now check off that resolution to exercise more this year.  Fine, that wasn't a resolution, but it sounded good.
Lucy lives for this stuff!  She's such a good girl
check out that action shot!
Not bad for about 15 minutes work
Once we had this wood loaded, we headed home. While dressed so warmly, I considered staying outside and enjoying the fresh air for a bit longer. But then the urge to pee hit, and with that many clothes on, I had no choice but to start stripping as quickly as possible. Another unfortunate side effect of menopause I guess. Of course once the layers of clothes were gone, the moment was gone as well. Oh well, I needed to get these pictures downloaded and this post written anyway. Guess I'll just open the blinds and enjoy to snow from afar once again.


  1. Great shots of the snow. It is a good idea to ride along, never know this time of year you might need an extra hand ... cow looks pretty tame but sometimes cows can get downright mean when you pick up their calves. Hope to see more regular posts coming up.

  2. People who have never experienced snow in the deep country really need to. Complete silence and stillness. Beautiful!! Great post Barbie! Love Skipper

  3. Great action-packed post, Barbie. I LOL at some of those pics you tried to take of yourself. I'm glad to see you posting again. I will look for more in the near future, O.K.? Hope you have a great 2013!