Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not All Sunshine and Roses... Who's Surprised?

Having a crappy day.  Don't suppose blogging about it will make me feel better, but what the hell - it's worth a shot.

On the bright side, my daughter has gone back to blogging!  This makes me happy.  Check out The Gibby blog listed over to the right. 

What else?  Well I mowed the yard today.  Not really by choice.  More like "if I do it will you get off my f-ing back?"  The only thing growing was weeds, and they were getting pretty tall.  Does the yard look any better?  Probably not.  Do I give a shit?  Probably not. 

I started watching Due Date last night.  Fell asleep.  Oh wait - I just remembered.  I don't like Robert Downey Jr.  Note to self -- return DVD to Netflix immediately.   I'm psyched that Bridesmaids is coming out on DVD next week.  Promised myself I'd see that one in the theater.  As usual, broke my promise.  Oh well. 

Going to a Scentsy/Premier Jewelry party tonight at my friend Trish's house.  Probably not buying any jewelry - the Premier stuff I have now looks like crap and can't be worn.  All discolored and/or tarnished.  Might buy a new Scentsy pot and some smelly stuff.  They have some new scents I'm looking forward to checking out.  Do I lead a glamorous life or what?

What else?  Wait, I already said that.  Is repeating yourself a sign of senility?  Well crap. 

Probably should have put a warning in the title -- today's post will either offend your or bring your mood down.  Or bore you to tears.  Don't even have the energy to care.  Don't like it don't read it.

Wait!  I didn't mean it!  Please read it! 

I've got to get a life.


  1. Thanks for a good laugh. Sounds like your life is about as exciting as mine.

  2. Sorry you were having a crappy day yesterday, Barbie. Hope today turns out better for you. If you need someone to watch Bridesmaids with you, I'm you're girl. I'll even bring the popcorn! Jessi and I went to see Horrible Bosses at the cheap movies yesterday and it was a hoot. It started off pretty slow but got better. I was surprised at Jennifer Aniston in that movie - she was a real slut! Keep your chin up. Sometimes it takes the really crappy days to make you appreciate the really great ones! Luv you.