Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not So Lazy Sunday

Productive days in my life come few and far between.  Today, I'm happy to report has been a gold star day for Barb. 

Greg and I did the grocery shopping this morning, and I stocked up on fresh veggies and fruit.  I also picked up a few things to use for stir fry - my evil plan for getting more veggies in my mouth.  The down side of fresh produce is finding room in the fridge for it.  Well today, I made it the upside, because it gave me a reason to thoroughly clean out the fridge.  My friend Amy and I got into a debate one day over just what constitutes "cleaning out the fridge".  In my world, it means basically throwing out the leftovers that are no longer identifiable.  And occasionally sorting through the veggie drawer and tossing anything limp.  Now when Amy cleans out her fridge, she throws out anything open (maybe a slight exaggeration) and wipes down all the surfaces.  AND she claims that she does this every week before she puts her groceries away.  I love Amy!  Today, I gave my fridge the Amy treatment, and then some!  I threw out all of the jars of stuff that Greg won't eat and I shouldn't eat.  Yes, that meant throwing out 1/2 a jar of expensive Harry and David jelly, but it was old anyway.  I also threw away multiple open jars of pickled beets, old dill pickles, and even some liquor.  THE HORROR!!!  I organized the items in the door (I can just hear Greg now "where the hell is the ketchup?"  He'll get used to it.  I'm happy to report that even after putting all the new groceries away, there is still room in the fridge.  Which in our house is something to be said.  While I was in the cleaning mood, I even cleaned out a kitchen cupboard and cleared off the counters!

After eating lunch (yummy BLTs) I got chicken breasts marinating for supper, and moved on to laundry.  And then I took a nap!!   Hard work makes Barbie tired :)  And now I need to go cut up some veggies for Greg to grill. 

PS - I'm in such a good mood I'm even listening to doo wop.  THE HORROR!!!

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