Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aging, But Not So Gracefully

You know how there are things you always say you're going to do, but somehow never get around to doing them?  I call those my someday plans.  Well number one on my list of someday plans is exercise.  Yes, I know, to look at me, you'd never guess that.  (also on that list is to stop putting myself down, but that's way down on the list)  My pal Amy and I have been talking about trying Zumba.  She searched YouTube for Zumba routines and found all kinds of videos of healthy looking women dancing their butts off.  Wore me out just watching them.  So I searched YouTube for FAT women doing Zumba.  Yes I did.  And guess what!  I found Sunshine.  She's an awesome full figured gal who records herself Zumba-ing in her living room.  Now that's the kind of inspiration I need.  I'm sorry, but watching a bunch of skinny women in great shape do all kinds of moves I'll never be able to do does not provide the encouragement I need to get up off my ass.  In fact, it does just the opposite.  It makes me feel fat and lazy and inferior.  So I've got a date with Sunshine's Journey on YouTube and we'll see where it leads.

In the meantime.....  I've been invited to join a group of women in Burlingame who get together once a week to exercise and dance a little.  Now normally, I feel good when someone asks me to join their group.  But I had to back pedal a little this time - because the group is called the Sassy Seniors.  My first thought was well I'm too young to be in that group.  But guess what?  Just because I act like a kid and feel like a kid (except when I get up out of a chair) it turns out I AM a Senior Citizen.  Their group is for 55 and over, and hell, I'm 56 now.  I'm usually happy to receive the perks of being old, you know, discounts at the buffet, and even the liquor store! But this?  This is the kind of stuff my Mom does, not me!  Right?  I'm still processing this.  This is like announcing to the world "Hey look at me!  I'm OLDDDDDDDD.  Am I ready for that? 

Stay tuned........

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