Thursday, January 23, 2014

So long George.....

What a great weekend I just spent with Erin!  Shopping for baby clothes for my new great niece Jolie!  Lunch out at Chilis!  Driving all over downtown KC looking for the elusive "Liquor Store", and finally driving all the way back out to KCK before we found one!  Hanging out at the Power and Light District, drinking free drinks!  Finding friends in line to have fun with while waiting to get into the Sprint Center!  Watching Eric Church!  Falling down concrete steps and cracking my elbow open!  GEORGE STRAIT LIVE!!!!!!!  Standing out in the cold for 45 minutes with Rose and Evelyn, 2 little old ladies from Joplin, Missouri, trying to hail a cab!  A trip to Truman Medical Center for stitches!  Staying out till 4:00 AM!  

Yes indeed, it was a night to remember.  At least I'll know when I had my last tetanus shot, right?  I mean, that's handy!  The TMC Emergency Room is interesting, to say the least.  Lots of drunks, passed out.  A strange lady singing and warning of her bathroom problems.  But above all, the nicest staff of nurses and Drs. I could have asked for.  When I was "this" close to passing out, they started talking about Dolly's boobies just to distract me.  Now who does that?   The people around me at the Sprint Center were also very kind.  There was a nurse sitting in front of us, and she took care of me till the medical staff took over.  The dude pushing my wheelchair was a maniac!  He was threatening to throw people out of the building if they didn't get out of his way!  He might take his job just a little too seriously, that's all I'm sayin.  And when I refused to leave the concert until George was done, they didn't push me.  Pretty sure they knew if was useless. 

And then there was George.  Oh George.  He sounds just as good today as he did 30 years ago.  Now I'm really kicking myself for not buying tickets to the Wichita concert in April when I had the chance.  Who knows?  I might have been able to get through the night in one piece!

Sharing a few pictures from the night...

Sprint Center fun on a budget...

Cowboy Boots are a MUST for George.... pay no attention to those little bottles....

Fun at Power and Light!

Look who found us in line!  Julie and her sisters!  And some little guy???

Eric who?  (sorry, not a fan) 
There's the evidence -- in case I decide to sue Sprint Center!


my love!!!


apparently I'm not his only fan....

The Cowboy RIdes Away.....


No George!!!!  please don't go!!!!


Feel free to stop here if you'd rather not see my ugly elbow!

at the ER before they stitched it up

the day after.... bruises make everything look worse!

At the end of the day, stitches and all, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.  But only with my best friend by my side -- love ya Erin!  Thanks for taking such good care of your momma!