Monday, August 26, 2013

Cattle Man

Well what a fun weekend we had with Carter Bug.  We took him to the Ranch Rodeo at Beef Fest in Emporia on Friday night.  That was Carter's first rodeo, and he was extremely excited!  We ate at their BBQ supper first, then walked around looking at equipment for a bit.  As usual, Papa found someone to visit with, so Carter and I had to sit and wait on him for a while.  I told him I wanted to take his picture, and this is what I got.  That's supposed to be his goofy look.  Goofy alright!

We finally went in and sat in the grandstand.  Carter wanted to take pictures of the rodeo.  He has an unusual perspective.

I think his favorite event was the wild cow milking.  He got such a kick out of those guys trying to milk that old cow, and he was worried about what they were doing with the milk when they got done.  There was another little boy sitting close to us, and I overheard a part of their conversation.  He asked Carter what his favorite kind of truck was.  Carter replied "diesel".  Carter also told him his favorite color was camouflage.  If that's not a mini Greg Bryson, I don't know who is!   He wasn't very happy to hear the rodeo was over and it was time to go home.  Now he's in search of some spurs and he's planning to do the calf scramble in the next Burlingame Rodeo.

Sunday, Carter got to go along to the pasture to check cattle.  Of course he had to take his new gun along. 

Carter loves papa's cow so much and wants to pet them.  Now Greg's cows are pretty tame, as cows go.  But they just aren't to be trusted enough to let the little guy roam around with them.  If he got between them and their range cubes, it wouldn't be pretty.  We tried having him feed them off the back of the truck, and it worked for a minute.  One old cow ate right off the back and he got to pet her a little.  The rest of the time, Greg carried him out into the middle and tried to get close enough.  For some reason, some of those old cows were very interested in my camera.  They came right up to me to check it out.  Silly old rips (as Carter would say)


When we were finished feeding, Greg let Carter drive the truck to the road.  As you can tell from this picture, that pasture is bumpy!!

The last thing we had to do -- shut the gate.  He's not so much help now, but I know Papa can't wait till he can do it on his own!

I so enjoy taking Carter along on days like this.  He takes it all in and loves every minute of it.  And soon enough the day will come when Miss Chloe wants to go too!  Sounds like papa better get to shopping for a crew cab!  (Diesel of course)