Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harry Houdini Bryson Douglas Whitesell

Here's the story
Of a cat named Harry
Who was born ten long years ago

His momma kicked him
Out of the family
Cuz he was abnormal

Here's the story
of a mom named Barb
Who heard this kitten crying, all alone

They were destined
To find each other
And that's the way they all became a family

Raise your hand if you don't know who Harry is.  My former co-workers certainly knew Harry.  He spent his first couple of weeks with me at work until he was politely asked to leave.  The constant screaming might have been an issue. 

When I found baby Harry, he was cold, wet and hungry.  I swept him up, dried him off and fed him watered down milk that night, and went to the pet store the next day to stock up on all things needed to keep a baby kitten alive.  He gained weight and thrived despite chronic diarrhea. (this would be where the constant screaming came into play)  We later learned he suffered from a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, basically Cerebral Palsy for cats. 

He quickly became a beloved member of our family, and Greg was particularly attached to him.  He also developed a bit of a mean streak.  Like, when he was 3 months old, and Greg and I weren't home.  Erin and Brent stopped by, and Harry wouldn't let them in the back door.  They were finally able to run him off to the basement and come inside, but he was not happy about it.   

Another odd thing about Harry.  He didn't meow; he screamed.  And once he figured out his scream would scare people, he relished in it.  He also liked to reach out and swipe people as they walked past him.  It was particularly funny when they didn't know he was nearby, thus not expecting it.  There was really only one person that he couldn't act up around, and that was Greg.  For some reason, he just knew better than to mess with Daddy. 


Once Harry was old enough to stay outside, he became a part time house cat.  He only used the litter box periodically, which was big problem.  For the last several years, he only came in at night, so he could sleep with his daddy.  First thing in the morning, he was back outside.  During the winter, Greg took pity on him and let him stay in the shop all day, out of the bad weather. 

Visitors to Greg's shop were all very familiar with Harry and his ways.  On the rare occasion someone new would stop by, he loved to trick them into thinking Harry was such a sweet, loving kitty -- "here, you can pet him" he would say, knowing exactly what was about to happen. 

When the grandkids showed up, Harry was not amused, to say the least.  He tolerated them at best, and always made sure they knew he was boss.  Both kids learned very quickly not to mess with Harry UNLESS Greg was holding him.  Old Harry knew better than to be mean to those kids when he was in Greg's arms. 

I'm sure by now you've figured out why I'm writing this homage to Harry.  Today, he finally picked on the wrong dog, and lost the battle.  I tried to get him to the vet, but he just couldn't hold on that long.  It's a pretty sad night here at the Bryson farm.  About now, Harry should be laying on the couch with Greg, snuggling up to him. 

Will I miss stepping into cat poop on my way to the basement some mornings?  Definitely not.  But I'll miss those occasional times he felt generous enough to let me love on him for a few minutes, before he told me in no uncertain terms I was done. 

Now is the part when I say rest in peace Harry old Buddy.  But I think we all know peace wasn't in Harry's destiny.  I tend to think he's down stairs giving the devil a run for his money.  Get 'em Harry!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Talkin' Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Eve (if I get this posted tonight).  I really should not be sitting here writing a post.  There’s floors to mop, people!  However, my partner who OFFERED to scrub them is asleep on the couch.  Hmp.  Did I mention it’s not even 8:30?  I thought for sure the noise from the vacuum cleaner would stir him, but not so much.  Also on tap, a delicious Cocoa Apple Cake to be made.  Ooh, I should totally write a post about that on my cooking blog!

Thanksgiving plans include a Granger get-together on Thursday at Jan and Keith’s house.  So excited that Libby was able to come home for a few weeks from Afghanistan!  I think she’s here for a few more days, and then once she goes back, will only be there a couple of more months.  Will feel much better when she’s home for good.  And I swear if she volunteers to go to some other war zone again, I’m gonna wring her neck!  Did I mention how proud I am of her?  So anyway, back to the plans… depending on the Black Friday ads, Erin and I are heading to Topeka some time mid to late Thursday afternoon to get started shopping.  Hoping to be home by 10:00 AM Friday or earlier (please please please) since I’m hosting the Bryson Thanksgiving here at noon on Saturday.  Especially since I haven’t started cooking anything for that dinner.  Well that’s not entirely true.  I baked a loaf of bread today to use in my dressing.  But sometime Friday when I’m not catching up on my sleep, I’ve got to bake a turkey and a ham.  And cook my potatoes and make my gravy.  And dressing.  That way on Saturday, it’s really just a matter of warming everything up without drying it out, and enjoying the day and the family.  And the wine.  And the Apple Pie.  Moonshine.  Yeehaw!  I made that yesterday, and I simmered the cider, juice and sugar for about an hour to concentrate the flavors.  Well Mr. Bryson, who considers himself a bit of a liquor connoisseur (and rightly so I guess) deemed it too sweet.  After adding another jug of apple juice and a jug of EverClear it’s pretty darn tasty.  But I have to remind myself it’s for SIPPING, not chugging. 

Since Erin and I are going shopping, and Brent is working Thursday and Friday, Carter will be spending Thursday night here with Papa.  Miss Chloe gets to go to Lyndon and stay with Grandma Gibby.  For some reason, no one wants to watch both of them alone.  I can’t imagine why!!!  I have to admit, sometimes it is a little easier with just one.  Like when I’m trying to get Chloe to take a nap or go to bed.  That’s pretty much a lost cause when big brother is around since 1) he doesn’t want her to sleep, and 2) she only wants to do whatever Carter is doing.  But If I’m trying to get something done (like today… cleaning house…) Carter does a pretty good job of entertaining Chloe.  Most of the time.  Except when he’s helping her find trouble.  Today, he happily showed her the door to the laundry chute.  Up until now, I’ve managed to keep it covered with stuff so she had no idea.  Stupid clean house.  I guess now if I’m missing anything, I’ll be in the basement checking the laundry pile.  I took the two strands of Halloween Lights down today (hey – I didn’t put them up till like Oct 28 or something, so I had to get my money’s worth) and Carter threw an absolute fit.  I told him I had to take them down so we could put up Christmas lights, to which he replied “I don’t want you to put up Christmas lights!”  When I whole heartedly agreed to NOT decorate for Christmas, he back tracked pretty darn fast.  Dang it. 

Ok – I really have to get something done so I’m not up all night.  Since I didn’t participate in the Daily Thankful FB posts, I’ll share with my readers what I’m most thankful for. 
I'm thankful I can still call my momma and visit, take her to the store, or just hang out at her house, listening to her stories, (sometimes more than once).  And believe me, I do not take any of that for granted.

I’m thankful that my daughter and her wonderful family live less than 7 miles from our house.  Watching my grandchildren grow up and being such a big part of their lives is more than I could ask for. 

I’m thankful to go to work every day to a job that I love.  After 30 years, it’s about time! 

I’m thankful to be married to a man who puts up with me, takes care of me, makes me laugh, and above all loves me more than I probably deserve. 

And it wouldn't be right not to mention how thankful I am for all of my friends who read this little blog, and still want to be my friend!!!  Sometimes I worry that I'm oversharing, but getting my thoughts out is my therapy, and you all know how much I love the attention it brings me!  haha!! 
And with that, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love, family, and good food. 



Sunday, November 17, 2013

Over Sharing

Have I ever mentioned that this isn't my first blog?  When I left my job at Three Lakes Coop, I started reading a blog my friend Jill told me about.  Reading that blog led to more, and the next thing I knew, I was starting my own blog on a little site called Live Journal.  I blogged from Sept. 2006 to June of 2007.  I vowed to continue writing after I went back to work, but soon found out that was really difficult to do, considering I couldn't write anything about my job, and that was pretty much my life at the time.  When I decided to start back up, I chose to do so on blogger.  My old blog is still there, just hanging out, waiting for someone to comment or add to it.  I just checked on it, and there were 30 comments!  Of course, they were all spam.  Maybe someday I'll figure a way to import those posts into this blog (I did try, but no luck at the time) or maybe I'll just post a link to it for anyone who wants to relive my past.  Maybe.  Someday. 

The reason I brought all of this up is because lately on FB, everyone is posting lists of random facts about themselves, and it reminded me of the time I did a post revealing 100 things about myself.  At the time, all the bloggers were doing so, and I just had to jump on for the ride.  I thought it would be fun to share that list.  Keep in mind I wrote it 7 years ago, while unemployed, and before grandchildren.

Since all the cool kids are doin’ it,
I now present:

100 things about me

  1. I have a blog. (huh – if you’re reading this, I guess you already know that one)
  2. I love my husband, even if I don’t always like him.
  3. I miss my dad, a lot.
  4. I miss working. (don’t tell anyone, ok?)
  5. I procrastinate.
  6. I love to laugh.
  7. I’m shy.
  8. I will never be skinny.  
  9. My husband will never accept that I will never be skinny.
 10. I have ADHD. (self diagnosed, of course)
 11. I need to feel loved.
 12. I’m proud of my daughter.
 13. Even though I’m not an only child, growing up, I spent most of my time alone.
 14. The best part of my childhood was time spent playing in our barn.
 15. I like barns.
 16. I hate house cleaning, and it shows.
 17. I hate exercise, and it shows too.
 18. I can’t handle money. Actually, I love to handle money, it’s the saving I have a problem with.
 19. I love music so much, that it doesn’t matter that I can’t sing, I do it anyway.
 20. If I don’t know the words, I make them up.
 21. I have to be drunk to sing Karaoke.
 22. Mom likes me best.
 23. I’ve become obsessed with blogging – so much so that I dream about other bloggers.
 24. I always dream about my latest obsession.
 25. I was a band geek.
 26. I felt fat in high school, even though I only weighed 120 lbs.
 27. I can twirl.  The baton.  
 28. I still have my High School Twirling Outfit.
 29. I cannot fit into it.
 30. I am cold most of the time.
 31. Some days, I wear my jammies all day. Even if I’m not sick.
 32. I had an ectopic pregnancy, and didn’t know it until 3 days after the tube burst.
 33. I am lucky to be alive.
 34. I believe in God.
 35. I’m trying really hard to come up with insightful facts to share with you.
 36. I don’t like conflict.
 37. I’ve never smoked a cigarette. Of any kind. Including the illegal kind.
 38. I am not a goody two shoes.
 39. I am afraid of disappointing my family.
 40. If I didn’t have a reason to get up in the morning, I’d sleep all day.
 41. Often, that reason is that I don’t want GB to yell at me.
 42. I collect cookbooks.
 43. I’m smarter than I think.
 44. I used to worry that my daughter would be just like me.
 45. I don’t anymore.
 46. I am a tissue snob; I only buy Puffs Plus.
 47. I don’t follow-through with projects.
 48. I don’t have a favorite color.
 49. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with  being gay.
 50. I’m glad my daughter isn’t.
 51. I wish the title of this was 50 things about me.
 52. I belong to the 35th Division of the Kansas National Guard.
 53. I joined as the daughter of a member.
 54. My dad fought in WWII.
 55. When I was little, I couldn’t keep a secret.
 56. I can now, but it’s not easy.
 57. The easiest secrets to keep are about myself.
 58. It’s 5:30 and I have no idea what I’m fixing for supper.
 59. I get mad easily.
 60. I forgive and forget just as easily.
 61. I once hid my husband’s doo wop collection out of spite.  (see #59)
 62. I gave it back.  (see #60)
 63. I get giddy when someone leaves a comment on my blog.
 64. I really need to get a life.
 65. I’m collecting unemployment and I’m proud of it.  Suck it JB.
 66. I’ll be in deep shit when the unemployment runs out.
 67. My next job WILL BE the perfect job.
 68. I may never return to work.
 69. heh heh   My sister graduated from high school in 1969.
 70. I got arrested when I was 16 for using a fake ID to get into a disco.
 71. I only did it to meet guys – I wasn’t drinking beer.  I swear.
 72. I didn’t meet any guys.  Unless you count the cop.  And the judge.
 73. I now laugh about this incident, but the girl that was with me does not.
 74. I know how to shoot a gun.
 75. I’m starting to get into this list.
 76. I can only have one best friend at a time.
 77. Unless you count my daughter – in that case, I’ll always have two.
 78. My Chiefs boyfriend is Jared Allen
 79. If it wasn’t for my sister, I would have never met my husband.
 80. I never thanked her for that.
 81. I am not pretty, but my daughter, who looks just like me, is beautiful.
 82. We’re having breakfast for supper.
 83. I cook bacon in the oven, AND I make my own syrup.
 84. If I didn’t take Zoloft, I would cry all day long.

 85. Sometimes I cry anyway – just on the inside.
 86. My favorite movie of all time is Animal House.
 87. I use the drive thru at McDonalds so people won’t judge me.
 88. If I could throw up at-will, I might consider becoming bulimic.
 89. I won’t, because I want to live to see my grandkids.
 90. I ‘m sharing waaaay to much.
 91. I pick at scabs.  Can’t help myself.
 92. I scar easily.  
 93. I scare easily too.
 94. My Grandma Crook was da bomb.
 95. I burned the bacon.
 96. I’d rather sleep with my cat than my husband.  
 97. My husband snores; my cat does not.
 98. I am a good doggy grandma.
 99. I’m sad I’m almost done.
100. I’m not done sharing.
Well now, that was interesting!  Some of those things may or may not still be true.  And I may have still been a bit bitter about my last job,  Sorry JB.  (not that she reads this)   I kinda wish I would have sat down and written a new list BEFORE I read this old one.  Just to see how many things I might have repeated.  Oh well - too late for that!

Just for fun, here's a picture from back in the day too.  I think we were going out for our anniversary or a birthday or something. 

Hmm, I may have stumbled onto something with recycling old blog posts!  Don't worry - I promise I'll write something new soon. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who You Callin' Crazy?

Depression.  I don't know anyone who hasn't uttered the words "ugh, I'm so depressed" at least a few times in their lives.  You didn't get the job?  Your favorite team just lost the Super Bowl?  You ran out of chocolate ice cream?  Let me tell you something.  You may feel sad, but depressed?  That's a whole nother world, and unless you can't function for months, can't get out of bed and get dressed, can't cook, can't clean your house, and/or can't face being around other people, you are most certainly NOT depressed.  Can you imagine a life where you are so dependent on chemicals that if you go one day without them, all you can think of is how much easier it would be if you just ended your life?  I guarantee you know someone who has been diagnosed with Clinical Depression.  You probably work with them, socialize with them, maybe you even live with them, and at the very least, you read their blog.  And unless you snooped in their medicine chest, you probably are blissfully unaware of their condition.   Do you know why that is?  I mean, I bet you know plenty of people who have High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol, maybe someone with a life threatening condition like kidney failure or cancer.  They all talk about how expensive the medicine is or how much work they've missed due to their condition.  But how often do you hear anyone talking about Depression?  There's a reason for that.  There is still a stigma attached to "mental" illness that leads society to believe those suffering from it have a character flaw.  Too many people don't understand that Depression is a medical condition just like acne or migraine headaches. 

Well I'm here to tell you, loud and proud, that even though I suffer from Depression, I'm not crazy in the head, and you don't have to be afraid of me.  I can be a wonderful friend.  I can excel in my job, and work rings about my coworkers.  I'm smart, loving, and fun.  All I have to do is take a little pill every morning, along with my pills for high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and diabetes. 

I also want to tell you that if you identify with any of these symptoms of depression, PLEASE do not be afraid to talk to you Dr. about it.  You cannot imagine the difference treatment can make in not only your life, but in your loved ones lives as well.  Living with someone with Depression is not easy.  Just ask my husband. 

Please get educated on depression, and don't judge people who have it.  We're really no different than you. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cattle Man

Well what a fun weekend we had with Carter Bug.  We took him to the Ranch Rodeo at Beef Fest in Emporia on Friday night.  That was Carter's first rodeo, and he was extremely excited!  We ate at their BBQ supper first, then walked around looking at equipment for a bit.  As usual, Papa found someone to visit with, so Carter and I had to sit and wait on him for a while.  I told him I wanted to take his picture, and this is what I got.  That's supposed to be his goofy look.  Goofy alright!

We finally went in and sat in the grandstand.  Carter wanted to take pictures of the rodeo.  He has an unusual perspective.

I think his favorite event was the wild cow milking.  He got such a kick out of those guys trying to milk that old cow, and he was worried about what they were doing with the milk when they got done.  There was another little boy sitting close to us, and I overheard a part of their conversation.  He asked Carter what his favorite kind of truck was.  Carter replied "diesel".  Carter also told him his favorite color was camouflage.  If that's not a mini Greg Bryson, I don't know who is!   He wasn't very happy to hear the rodeo was over and it was time to go home.  Now he's in search of some spurs and he's planning to do the calf scramble in the next Burlingame Rodeo.

Sunday, Carter got to go along to the pasture to check cattle.  Of course he had to take his new gun along. 

Carter loves papa's cow so much and wants to pet them.  Now Greg's cows are pretty tame, as cows go.  But they just aren't to be trusted enough to let the little guy roam around with them.  If he got between them and their range cubes, it wouldn't be pretty.  We tried having him feed them off the back of the truck, and it worked for a minute.  One old cow ate right off the back and he got to pet her a little.  The rest of the time, Greg carried him out into the middle and tried to get close enough.  For some reason, some of those old cows were very interested in my camera.  They came right up to me to check it out.  Silly old rips (as Carter would say)


When we were finished feeding, Greg let Carter drive the truck to the road.  As you can tell from this picture, that pasture is bumpy!!

The last thing we had to do -- shut the gate.  He's not so much help now, but I know Papa can't wait till he can do it on his own!

I so enjoy taking Carter along on days like this.  He takes it all in and loves every minute of it.  And soon enough the day will come when Miss Chloe wants to go too!  Sounds like papa better get to shopping for a crew cab!  (Diesel of course)


Monday, July 29, 2013

Much Too Old To Act This Damn Young

Happy Monday Everyone!  That’s right.  I said it.  Happy Monday.  And it is a happy Monday, for the most part.  For more than one reason even!   First of all, it means the weekend is over, which may normally not be a good thing, but believe me, today?  It is.  For some stupid reason I tried to relive my twenties and drank not once, not twice, but three days in a row.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  Actually, I think I’ll blame Erin.  Afterall, she was present on 2 of the 3 days, and the third day we were drinking leftovers, so yeah I totally blame her.  Erin!  Stop being such a bad influence on your mommy!  Heh heh

The second reason it’s a happy Monday is my office is quiet.  As in no one is speaking.  And today, trust me, that is a very good thing.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Third reason……… uh, hmmm….. stretching here….. it’s 4 days till payday?  Oh wait!  I KNOW!  It’s raining!  It rained all morning in Topeka.  What?  Did you forget I live on a FARM?  Of course I’m excited for the rain.  I just hope it’s raining down south too! 

I’ve done some preliminary planning for the Bryson Family Vacation coming up.  Got the hotel rooms booked in Beatrice and Hastings.  You’d be surprised at how quickly hotels fill up for the farm show.  It’s a BIG DEAL ya’ll!  Still need to reserve the golf cart, so we don’t have to stand in line for hours waiting to get one.  Although, as I recall those line jumpers got the evil eye and may have even feared for their lives a little last year.  Of course since I won’t be looking at them this year, it will probably be ok!   I’m especially excited this year, because our friends Rick and Mary and going to the farm show too.    It’s more fun when you’ve got a girl to hang out with, not that there’s any girly things to do at the farm show.  At least I won’t have to go pee by myself!

I’d like to find something else new and exciting to do while we’re in Nebraska, but I’m not sure there IS anything exciting to do in Nebraska!  We always go through Pawnee City on the way up so we can stock up on wine and beer at our favorite winery, hence the hotel in Beatrice (closest town to pass out, err I mean sleep in).  From there we go to Lincoln to stock up on stuff at Greg’s favorite surplus place.  So between Lincoln and Hastings, there’s not much to see, unless we go out of our way a bit and Greg’s never too receptive to that idea.  So if you know of anything awesome in Nebraska that we should check out, please share!

I do have some sad news to report.  Mom finally made the difficult decision to put down her cat Spooky.  She was 23 years old, suffering from kidney failure, had all but stopped eating and taking care of herself, and was nothing but skin and bones.  Even though we knew it was the right decision, she kept second guessing herself.  I’m hoping after a while, she might show some interest in getting another kitty.  She won’t want a house cat – she’s never been a fan of litter boxes – but maybe we can get a cat that’s a year or two old that won’t run off and can defend itself against the coyotes and fox that live near her neighborhood.  We’ve suggested getting a house dog in the past, but she doesn’t think she’s up to house training a dog, and doesn’t want the worries of leaving one in the house all day if she goes somewhere.  I’m sure if she decides she needs some company, we’ll come up with something. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things That Make Me Go #%*&^$#&*%^&*#$(*@&#&*^@#$

I’ve got a few negative things to get off my chest today. Clearing the air, so to speak, so I can move on to my happy place.

Here’s what’s bothering me today --

Neighbors who don’t feed their cattle. Sure there was a shortage of hay last year, and what was available was pretty expensive. Here’s a thought. If you can’t afford to feed your cows, sell the damn things! And while you’re at it, how bout you fix your POS fence. We’re really getting tired of having to chase your cattle off of our bean field and away from our hay. And why the hell doesn’t the Osage County Sheriff’s Department do something about it? We aren’t the only ones who have filed a complaint. I suppose it’s up to us to take him to small claims court for the crop loss. That’s bull shit.

Disclaimer -- If you are reading this and trying to figure out which neighbor I’m talking about, remember when you live in the country, the word neighbor applies to anyone within a 10 mile radius of not only your home, but your farm ground as well, which can be miles from said home. In other words – you’ll never guess, unless you are one of his neighbors as well.

Dumb People. As in seemingly normal people who know what they’re supposed to do, but are either too ignorant or too lazy to care. You know the type. You run into them all the time. At work, at the convenience store, at the grocery store, at work, at lunch, at work. You are trying my patience, dumb people. I suppose I should welcome the challenge of sharing the same air as you without saying something rude, but nope. For the love of all that is good and holy, please think before you speak, or better yet, just go away. Oh, and did I mention users?  People who could and should make every effort to help themselves, but would rather sit back and beg for help from others who are too kind to question their motives. Yeah, those people need to go away too.

Slow drivers. Everyone knows I drive too fast, and as I’ve been told more than once, I should slow down and enjoy the view. And sometimes I do that. But come ON people! At least drive the speed limit, ok? If you’re out on the Interstate, or some other 4 lane road, drive as slow as you want. I can pass you. But when you’re in town, unless you’re getting ready to turn, or need to change lanes, just move over and get outta my way, mmkay?

Mechanics. Specifically mechanics who think I’m just a dumb woman who knows nothing. Hey dummy – guess what? We got your number. Your bosses at the dealership aren’t selling enough new cars, so they’ve instructed you to find enough wrong on older vehicles to “total” the vehicle so we’ll buy something new rather than spend a fortune to fix the old beater. And hey – here’s a clue – don’t try to transfer me to a salesman right after you break the news that it’s going to cost $8600 to fix my 13 year old truck. I’m not as dumb as you look.  Oh and btw, I got it fixed.  And I only spent $700.  It's a miracle!!!
WELL. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better now! Moving on to my favorite 4 year old.

You know, I’ve know Carter admired Luke Bryan for a while now. After all, he did memorize the opening to Country Girl Shake It For Me. (Hey Girl….Come On Now….You Know You Got Everybody Lookin’) Nothing wrong with learning pick up lines from Luke Bryan. But after yesterday, I’m starting to wonder if he’s on the verge of turning into a stalker. The conversation went something like this

Carter: Meema? Does Luke Bryan know me?
Meema: no sweetie, Luke doesn’t know you.
C: well, where does he live?
M: oh, I don’t know for sure – probably in Nashville.
C: well we should go to his house!
M: I don’t know if he’s home. Plus that’s a long way from here.
C: well is Luke Bryan real?
M: yes, he’s real!
C: well we need to go to his house so I can meet him!
C: What kind of truck does Luke Bryan drive?
M: ???
C: I think it‘s white

Next thing you know he’ll be asking Siri for Luke Bryan’s phone number!

After watching the Emmys the last few years and seeing all of the awards go to cable shows I’ve never seen, I decided I needed to see what all the fuss was about. Enter Netflix and Amazon Prime. When the Emmy nominations came out today, I’m happy to say that I fully understand why so many went to awesome shows like House of Cards, Homeland, Mad Men, Downton Abby and Breaking Bad. Still need to check out Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, but at least I won’t feel like the only girl without a Prom Date on Emmy night this year. There is one thing I’m still scratching my head over though -- why wasn’t Big Brother nominated for Outstanding Reality Show????

OK - I shared with you, now tell me what's bugging you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Breakfast Burritos

As mentioned in my previous post, here is my recipe for breakfast burritos.  Not exactly reinventing the wheel here, just a tweak or two.

ingredients -- frozen hashbrowns, milk, flour tortillas, cream cheese, eggs, gravy mix and smoked sausage

step 1. cook hashbrowns as directed on package

dump in a big ass
pan (technical, I know) 

 Step 2 - dice smoked sausage into small bite size pieces, and brown
 (sorry - no picture of the dicing - you'll have to use your imagination)

 here is what they look like after browning (duh)

yep, you guessed it - dump in the big ass pan with the hashbrowns

next up -- eggs!  Ideally, I would have Philadelphia Cooking Creme to add to the eggs, but since the plain old unspiced boring flavor was unavailable everywhere I looked (2 stores!) I had to use regular cream cheese - which means it looks lumpy when you combine it with the eggs - don't worry - it will melt eventually.


Scramble the eggs and cheese until the eggs are set -- how bout that whisk action!!!

do I have to say it?  Ok fine - dump the eggs in the big ass pan

stir it all up till it looks like a mess.  Add a lot of salt and pepper. 
Actually now that I think about it, I think I salt and peppered the hashbrowns too. 
Doesn't really matter when, as long as you do it!

now you need to warm your tortillas in the microwave so they roll up without tearing

and you're ready to assemble the burritos.  Put a heaping spoonful of the mixture from the big ass pot on the tortilla and top it with a little bit of gravy.  Crap - I forgot to make the gravy.

Imagine this is a picture of a pan full of gravy mix and milk
Follow the directions on the package and make the gravy.
I had leftover gravy in the fridge so didn't have to make it.

No action shots of the folding of the tortilla -
just go with whatever works for you so the stuff isn't falling out all over the place, mkay? 

Now wrap that bad boy up in some foil unless you're planning to eat it immediately. 
WAIT!  If you're going to reheat them in the microwave, foil - not such a great idea. 
You heard it here -- if your microwave catches on fire, don't blame me! 

Now for all the boring stuff for those of you cooks who don't just fly by the seat of your pants like I do.  Ingredients and such.

Mother's Day Breakfast Burritos

32 oz frozen hash brown O'Briens
1 package Smoked Sausage  (more if your husband won't stay out of them)
12 eggs
4 oz Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Original Flavor
salt and pepper to taste
18 flour tortillas (soft taco size)
1 package sausage gravy mix prepared as directed on package

Of course, you can use larger tortillas, which will result in fewer burritos (see how I did that?)  I made smallish ones since there was going to be alot of other food to eat.

As a reformed gravy hater, I enjoy the gravy added in.  If you haven't come over to the dark side, no prob - just leave the gravy out!  Or if you're really crazy - dump that shit over the top of it!  Go wild!  Whatever makes you happy!